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38Marwadi Sev/Tikkha Sev


Marwadi Sev is light and crunchy savoury with a hint of salt and spices. This snack is best served with a hot cup of tea.

38Sada Sev


Sada Sev is precisely made up of fresh ingredients. It tastes delicious, eat it in break-time or use it to garnish any dish.

38Nylon Sev


Nylon Sev is known for its thinnest strands and deliciousness. It is favourite of every snack lover. A must have delight for every journey.

40Potato Sev Plain


Batata Sev Plain is a perfect crispy savory tea-time snack. A perfect companion for long journeys.

36Ratlami Sev


Ratlami Sev is prepared with nutritive gram flour and authentic spices. From children to adult, everyone loves this snack.

38Tomato Sev(Potato)


Tomato Sev (Potato) is an ideal appetizing snack one can have any time, anywhere. It is crispy, crunchy and delicious with the tange of tomato. It tasters amazing with a cup of tea.

38Cheese Sev(Potato)


Savour the perfect blend of crunch and taste with Cheese Sev (Potato). It is made from the choicest of potatoes, laced with the mouth-watering cheese flavour. Take a break with the deliciously cheesy and crunchy snack.