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Potato Wafers

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40Potato Wafers

Potato Wafers

This crispy and super delicious Batata Wafers are everyone?s all-time favourite go-to snack. Nothing can beat our love towards the wafers.

40Masala Potato Wafers

Potato Wafers

We get delicious Masala Batata Wafers when the choicest potatos are coated with exotic flavours. The heart-winning taste and crunch makes you keep craving for more.

40Mari Potato Wafers

Potato Wafers

Mari Batata Wafers are a perfect savoury snack to have at tea time. It is also known to be one of the best pass-time snack due to its amazing flavour and crisp.

44Peri Peri Potato Wafers

Potato Wafers

When thin cripy potatos blends in with peri peri masala really can shake awake your taste buds. An irresistible snack option of all time.

44Cheese Potato Wafers

Potato Wafers

Cheese Potato Chips is a crispy, lip-smacking snack. It is made from the choiest potatos dice in thin slices coated with cheese and deep fried precisely to give you the crisp you seek.

60Patta Wafers

Potato Wafers

Patta Wafers is the right choice for your free time snacks. It not only satisfy your taste-buds but also your little hunger.