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38Mix Farsan

Mix Items/Farsan

Mix farsan refers to a mixture of fried ingredients like chiwda, papdi, cornflakes, peanuts, roasted moth beans, dried fruits, salt and spices. It is perfect savoury snack to be the best pass-time snack.

38Misal Mix

Mix Items/Farsan

Misal Mix Farsan is a perfect savoury snack to have at tea time. It is also known to be one of the best pass-time snack.

38Mama Mix

Mix Items/Farsan

Mama Mix is a healthy and people?s favorite go-to snacks that are filled with crunch, nuts, dried fruit with a little spice and sweet. A healthy yet flavourful snack for your tea time.

38Kathor Mix(Mix Dals)

Mix Items/Farsan

Crispy and delicious kathor made with best quality kathor nuts. Perfect to spice up your mood with the crunchiness of the delectable snack.

38Sev Pakoda

Mix Items/Farsan

Sev Pakoda is the crispy and lip smacking snack. It is the perfect snack to refresh you from everyday normal snack flavour.

38Sev Dal

Mix Items/Farsan

Crispy crunchy snack for any time of the day. It has authentic flavour of Rajasthan.

38Sev Dal Pakoda

Mix Items/Farsan

Sev Dal Pakoda is a unique combination that turns out as a perfect snack for all. It tastes delicious when served with hot cup of tea.

38Nadiyadi Bhusa

Mix Items/Farsan

Make your noon-day snacks more fun with this namkeens. Our Nadiyadi Bhussa comprises of nuts, seeds, oils and garnish that will simply make these items unforgettable to taste.