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Kela/Banana Wafers

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40Peela Kela Wafers

Kela/Banana Wafers

Peela Kela Wafers is nothing but finest bananas fried deeply with some salt on it. The lusciously crispy Wafers makes a perfect companion for your tea-time.

36Mari Kela Wafers

Kela/Banana Wafers

Mari Batata Wafers are a perfect savoury snack to have at tea time. It is also known to be one of the best pass-time snack due to its amazing flavour and crisp.

36Tikkha Kela Wafers

Kela/Banana Wafers

Immerse yourself in a perfect fusion of crunchy wafers and spicy Tikkha Kela Wafers. A flavourful treat for your taste-buds.

36Mari Kela Lamba Wafers

Kela/Banana Wafers

The exotic spices in Mari Kela Lamba Wafers makes it different and delicious than others. A perfect choice of snack for your little mid-night cravings.

40Peela Kela Lamba Wafers

Kela/Banana Wafers

Peela Kela Lamba Wafers is a luscious snacks made from banana with some salt sprinkled on it. A very healthy option for your tea-time break.