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Bhel is a light, healthy yet savory snack. It is combination of puffed rice and sev. A very popular Mumbai street food.

36Lemon Bhel


When sweet & sour lemon flavour is whipped into a combination of crackly bhel and crispy sev it turns out as a delicious Lemon Bhel.

36Diet Bhel


Diet Bhel is a snack so lite yet so delicious. It consists of puffed rice, crispy sev and deliciousness. A perfect anytime snacks for health conscious people.

36Papad Bhel


Papad Bhel is a bhel with a twist. The addition of fresh papads makes the bhel more crunchy and scrumptious. The mouth-melting crunch with delighting taste makes it the most popular snack time partner

36Magic Bhel


Magic Bhel is high in quality and superior in taste. The crunchy and crispy texture will leave you wanting for more. While it is the perfect companion to your tea or coffee, it can be relished as it is to satisfy little hunger.

36Bhadang Bhel


Bhadang Bhel comes with a delicious combination of puffed rice mixed with peanuts, garlic, curry leaves and spices. It makes a healthy snack of all time.